Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan Flees The Sinking Trump Ship

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan bolted from Trump and decided not to seek confirmation as tensions are rising with Iran.

The Acting Defense Secretary Flees Trump

Trump tweeted:

Trump is increasing tensions with Iran while having no Defense Secretary

The chaos and instability of the Trump administration have shown its face at the worst possible time. Trump and John Bolton have been accelerating tensions with Iran, and now the Pentagon lacks a permanent leader. The White House tried to spin this with the old family time excuse, but the reality is Shanahan is another government official who bolted from Trump.

All presidential administrations have turnover, but the departure of a defense secretary during a time of increasing problems in the Middle East is the worst case scenario. Trump wanted today to be all about his reelection campaign launch, but the departure of Patrick Shanahan shows why the country can’t risk another four years of Trump.

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