Baby Blimp And Throngs Of Protesters Welcome Trump To Orlando Ahead Of Kickoff Rally

Donald Trump has been bragging about the crowd of supporters he’s expecting at his reelection kickoff rally in Orlando, but what he won’t be tweeting about are the throngs of protesters who welcomed the sinking president to the city on Tuesday.

Accompanying the throngs of demonstrators was the famous Trump baby blimp. According to a reporter from a CBS News affiliate in Orlando, “A GoFundMe online Fundraiser raised $3900 in one day to bring the blimp to this protest.”

Some of the signs accompanying the baby blimp included, “Whiny little baby,” “Impeach Trump” and “Immigrants Make America Great.”

Video footage from the protests:

America is motivated to prevent a second Trump term

Donald Trump certainly does have a loyal band of passionate supporters who will stick with him no matter what – and they’ll likely show up in the thousands to his kickoff rally on Tuesday – but they have never represented the majority of the country.

After two and a half years of lies, corruption, chaos and incompetence, the American people are as enthusiastic as they’ve ever been to send Trump packing.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley noted on Tuesday, new polling shows that Trump is well behind former vice president Joe Biden in Florida – 50 to 41 percent. The poll tracks closely with other public surveys and even Trump’s own internal polling that shows him in a hole ahead of his reelection kickoff.

Ultimately, America is more motivated than ever to return to the ballot box in 2020 and deny Donald Trump another term in the White House.

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