GOP Congressman Says It’s Okay That Trump Committed Crimes Because The Economy Is Good

A Republican congressman from Wisconsin said on Tuesday that it’s okay if Donald Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors because the economy is doing well.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Rep. Sean Duffy asked, “What did Donald Trump do that we should impeach him?”

Further demonstrating that he didn’t read Robert Mueller’s final report, Duffy pivoted to the economy, saying, “They have higher wages, lower unemployment. We’re killing it in Wisconsin. You want to impeach that guy?”


The heated exchange between Rep. Duffy and Chris Hayes:

REP. DUFFY: What did Donald Trump do that we should impeach him? Bob Mueller said I’m not going to refer any charges to the Congress. He could’ve. Starr referred 11 charges to the Congress. Mueller didn’t refer any. And you’re going to impeach him for what crime? What did he do wrong that you should impeach him for? He has grown the economy. He has put my people back to work in Wisconsin. 

HAYES: Congressman.

REP. DUFFY: They have higher wages, lower unemployment. We’re killing it in Wisconsin. You want to impeach that guy?

HAYES: Congressman, first of all, those are distinct things as you would concede. Obviously the growth rate doesn’t pertain to whether the president commits high crimes and misdemeanors. Bill Clinton had a high growth rate and I don’t know what Andrew Johnson’s or Richard Nixon’s was. Obviously, those are distinct entities, as you would concede, correct?

REP. DUFFY: I would concede the point that Donald Trump’s policies–

HAYES: Congressman, just a simple yes or no. It is the fact you understand as a man who took an oath to the Constitution that the growth in the economy is wholly independent from whether a president committed high crimes and misdemeanors, correct?

REP. DUFFY: There was a two-year investigation.

HAYES: Congressman — congressman! I’ve asked you a question four times. … I’m not in Congress. I’m the one who asks the questions.

Republicans think it’s okay for the president to be a criminal if unemployment is low

Forget the fact that Donald Trump inherited the strong economy from Barack Obama and Joe Biden when he took over in 2017. Even voters don’t give credit to Trump for the economy.

What’s even more stunning than Republicans giving Trump credit for an economy he inherited is the fact that they are using it to justify any of the high crimes and misdemeanors this president has committed.

This is no longer your grandfather’s Republican Party. That GOP is long gone. In its place is a Republican Party that sold its soul to the most dangerous and corrupt president this country has ever seen.

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