MSNBC Didn’t Air Trump’s Reelection Kickoff Rally Because It Wasn’t Newsworthy

Donald Trump – the attention-craving man-child president – likely won’t be too happy on Tuesday as MSNBC refused to cover his so-called kickoff rally in Orlando because it wasn’t newsworthy.

As the president took the stage in Florida, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said the network would monitor the rally for any developments, but for now they would move on to discussing actual news of the day.

Trump was reduced to a small thumbnail on the bottom right corner of the screen as MSNBC covered more newsworthy topics.

Hayes and MSNBC were correct to steer clear for much of Trump’s rally as it was nothing but a stale reboot of the previous MAGA mob gatherings he’s had over the past three years.

He whined about the Russia investigation, falsely claimed he has been fully exonerated by Robert Mueller, attacked Hillary Clinton for her emails and literally had a cheering contest to determine what his 2020 slogan should be.

Trump also repeated the egregious lie that Democrats are in favor of executing babies after they’ve been born.

The spectacle in Orlando was the latest demonstration that Trump’s favorite part of being president – perhaps the only part of the job he likes – is the political theater that comes with it.

He is a glorified pundit who likes to pretend politics is a reality show, not a mature adult who cares about the awesome responsibilities that come with being president of the United States.

The media is hyping up Trump’s rally for no reason

Throughout the day on Tuesday, media outlets have been covering Trump’s kickoff rally in Florida as if its a major political event – but it’s anything but.

As former Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer reminded the country, Trump “kicked off his reelection campaign 5 hours after he was sworn in and has been holding identical rallies paid for by the reelection campaign for 3 years.”

Donald Trump has been running for reelection since he was sworn in as president in 2017. His rally on Tuesday was just another stale campaign event meant to get news coverage.

On MSNBC, the stunt failed.

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