Pastor Claims Demonic Network Is Working Against Trump At Orlando Rally

Pastor Paula White began Trump’s Orlando rally with a prayer and claimed that demonic network is working against Donald Trump.

Orlando Rally Features a Prayer For Trump To Stop The Demonic network working against him


This is not the first time that the far right religious movement has claimed that Trump is fighting the forces of evil. Franklin Graham called for a national day of prayer to stop the evil forces that are trying to destroy Trump. By backing a man who is the opposite that they claim to stand for as Christians, the right-wing evangelical movement have exposed themselves as a fraud. They are willing to bend and twist their version of partisan ideological Christianity to protect Donald Trump.

Trump isn’t fighting the demonic network. He is the demonic network that is working to destroy democracy and the United States as the world’s example of freedom. Evangelical Christians will aren’t fighting evil. By siding with Trump, they have become the evil.

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