Trump To Sell His Family As The New Kennedys At Reelection Launch

Trump will be continuing his push to sell his family to America as the new Kennedys at his reelection campaign launch in Florida.

Trump to drag his whole family to Florida

ABC News reported, “Donald Trump’s official campaign kickoff on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida, will showcase the president and Vice President Mike Pence, along with Trump’s adult children, campaign officials told ABC News. Amid flourishes, such as a convention-style balloon drop, there will be the implicit message that what’s being sold is not just Trump, but his family. First lady Melania, Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, Don. Jr. and Eric are their own political celebrities now — visiting royalty in the United Kingdom and part of the package that the president is offering up for a second term.”

Trump thinks that the Trumps are the new Kennedys

Trump proclaimed his wife Melania to be the “new Jackie O.” during an interview on Fox News. It has been reported that the Trump kids went on the trip to the UK because the president is trying to package his family as American royalty like the Kennedys. Trump isn’t JFK. Melania isn’t Jackie O., and his children will never be held in the same regard as the Kennedys.

No one is going to buy a family that is so cold and distant from one another to be the Kennedys. The Trumps will never be beloved. They will never be liked. The American people can smell deceit and corruption a mile away, and the Trumps may be the most criminal family unit to ever occupy the White House.

Most Americans don’t like Trump’s family, so trying to rebrand them as the new Kennedys is a sick joke that is only going to make the majority of the country dislike them more.

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