Democrats Are Going To Sue To Get The Truth Out Of Hope Hicks


Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) said that House Judiciary Democrats are going to sue to stop Trump’s obstruction of Hope Hicks’ full testimony.

Rep. Cicilline said on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show:

She was there when Don McGahn was directed by the president to fire the special counsel and lie about it and prepare false do you means to support that lie. She was there when Director Comey was fired. So she’s a very important witness, however throughout her testimony today, she was directed by the White House counsel and the lawyers there for the president not to answer questions. They objected to any question that posed to hope hicks to anything she observed or did with her employment in the White House claiming absolute immunity that doesn’t exist. The idea that you are immune to being asked about your service because you worked for the president doesn’t exist. They know that. A court rejected it.


This is an effort for the president to make sure that the witness does not share valuable information to the committee to continue this ongoing cover-up to prevent the American people from knowing the full truth. This is on the record. The next step will be for the committee to go to court to compel the testimony of this witness and to strike down this claim of absolute immunity. We don’t have a king. No one has absolute immunity. Everyone is subject to the law of the land and the witnesses will be subject to testify.


Hope Hicks Was Blocked From Testifying By THe White House

House Democrats saw Trump’s obstruction of their investigation unfold right before their eyes. Democrats are going to sue to shatter the Trump delusion of absolute immunity. The Democrats are going to win, and all of these witnesses, like Hope Hicks, will be forced to testify and tell the committee what they know. The name of the game for Trump remains delaying and hoping that he wins reelection and Republicans take back the House.

Democrats aren’t going to let Trump invent immunity as if the presidency is a season of Survivor.

Investigators will get the truth, and the facts will doom Donald Trump.

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