Hope Hicks Refused To Answer When Asked If She Lied To Mueller

Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) asked Hope Hicks if she was truthful to Mueller, and her lawyers refused to allow her to answer.

Hope Hicks Refused To Answer When Asked If She Lied To Mueller

Ari Melber read from page 37 of the Hicks interview transcript:

This is pretty interesting, page 37 we just got from the transcript where chairman Nadler asks some questions you would think you would want your client to be able to answer. Is Mueller’s report accurate? Action. Is the report inaccurate?


Did you tell the truth to the special counsel? I mean that’s a legal obligation. Objection. \

Charman Nadler says let me rephrase the question. Did you perjure yourself to the special counsel and you have

Hope Hicks’ lawyers saying same objection.


Here is page 37 of the transcript:

Hicks Dodged Questions On Impeachable Offenses

Hope Hicks did give some damaging testimony about the campaign welcoming Russia’s attack on an American election, but she dodged questions on anything related to obstruction of justice and Trump impeachable offenses. The hiding behind lawyers can only save the Trump witnesses for so long, as Democrats are going to win in court, and witnesses like Hope Hicks will be forced to answer all questions.

Trump is obstructing hearings as they are happening, and this behavior is why the number of House Democrats who favor impeachment is growing by the day.

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