House Democrats Are Coming After Kellyanne Conway For Her Crimes

The House Oversight Committee is holding a hearing Kellyanne Conway’s crimes, and are going to subpoena her to answer to Congress.

The House Oversight Committee will subpoena Kellyanne Conway

Here is the resolution to subpoena Kellyanne Conway:

Read the resolution to subpoena Conway:


The House will do what Trump won’t to Kellyanne Conway

The Oversight Committee is taking seriously the recommendation that Kellyanne Conway should be fired and barred from working for the federal government. Trump refused to fire Conway while mangling the First Amendment, but the Oversight Committee is going to investigate Conway’s chronic illegal behavior.

Conway has abused her government position for partisan political gain on numerous occasions.

Kellyanne Conway is breaking the law, and House Democrats aren’t going to allow her to get away with it.

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