Kris Kobach Outed As A White Supremacist By Leaked Trump Vetting Docs

Leaked Trump vetting documents list white supremacy as one of the red flags for Trump’s adviser on voter suppression Kris Kobach.

Axios got the vetting docs and wrote, “One heading in the document about Kris Kobach, in the running for Homeland Security Secretary, listed “white supremacy” as a vulnerability. It cited accusations from past political opponents that he had ties to white supremacist groups.”

Kobach was in charge of the commission that Trump appointed to try to federalize voter suppression. Kobach has been up for numerous jobs in the Trump administration, including Homeland Security Secretary and overseeing Trump’s immigration policy.


The Trump Administration Welcomes White Supremacists

The White House has tried to squash reports of the president’s white supremacy, but even Trump’s own vetting documents show that a man who the president appears to be dying to give a job to is a white supremacist. It is not your imagination. The same president who defended white supremacists in Charlottesville, called Mexicans rapists, and wants to build a wall to keep nonwhite people out of the United States has no problem with hiring a white supremacist.

The current president has surrounded himself with racists most likely because he is a racist.

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