Trump Shows That He Will Lose His Mind If Democrats Beat Him In 2020

Trump went on a delusional bender where he said that he is not prepared to lose in 2020, and rambled conspiracies about the 2016 popular vote.

Trump falsely believes that the 2016 popular vote was stolen



Trump may need to be physically removed from the White House if Democrats beat him

Trump’s comments are delusional. Some conspiracy circles always worry when an unpopular president might be defeated that he will refuse to leave office, but the reality is that Trump can’t stay. At noon on inauguration day, the power of the presidency shifts to winner of the election. If Trump loses in 2020, at that moment, he will no longer be president. If he would refuse to leave the White House, he would be escorted out by security.

Trump can’t rewrite the constitution. Trump can and likely will claim that the election was stolen if he loses. He may even try to sue and go to the Supreme Court, but there is no mechanism for invalidating elections. There is no do-over.

Donald Trump will be at his most dangerous if he loses the election. Trump will try to burn everything down around him on his way out the door.

If Democrats beat Trump in 2020, he is already signaling that he has got another level of crazy that we have yet to see.

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