Trump’s Rust Belt Revival Fraud Is Killing Him In Wisconsin, Michigan, And Pennsylvania

Trump promised a manufacturing revival in Wisconson, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but after losing manufacturing jobs, voters in those states look ready for change.

Trump’s manufacturing revival fraud has caught up to him

The New York Times reported:
< But nothing has reversed the decline of the county’s manufacturing base. From January 2017 to December 2018, it lost nearly 9 percent of its manufacturing jobs, and 17 other counties in Michigan that Mr. Trump carried have experienced similar losses, according to a newly updated analysis of employment data by the Brookings Institution.


In Pennsylvania, the losses were not as steep but two counties that Mr. Trump won easily, Wyoming and Warren, had the highest percentage declines in the state. The same was true for Trempealeau and Rusk Counties in Wisconsin, where a Democrat, Tony Evers, ousted the incumbent Republican governor, Scott Walker, a strong supporter of the president, in 2018.

Trump still peppers his pep rallies with claims that he has brought manufacturing back, but the people who live in communities that depend on manufacturing jobs know better.

Trump is in big trouble

Trump’s slippage in red states is an omen. What is happening in manufacturing towns is a looming reality. People were willing to buy Trump’s promises because it felt good to believe that their jobs could come back and their towns saved. There was no track record to compare him to, so the attitude was what else have we got to lose? Maybe, he can bring the jobs back?

Donald Trump couldn’t. In fact, his policies are causing more jobs to be lost.

Trump’s biggest problem is in Michigan, where the state might be written off for Republicans by the fall of 2020. Pennsylvania is his second most significant problem, as the state looks primed to return to its blue presidential election status. Wisconsin, while not as dire as Pennsylvania and Michigan, could be an uphill climb for Trump.

Donald Trump conned voters in the Rust Belt, and it 2020, it looks like they won’t be fooled again.

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