Democrats Get A Huge Win In Emoluments Clause Lawsuit

Congressional Democrats got a big win as a judge ruled that their lawsuit to get Trump’s business records can move forward.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that a lawsuit brought by congressional Democrats against President Trump can proceed, clearing the way for lawmakers to begin obtaining records from businesses owned by the president. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan denied a request from Justice Department lawyers to pause the case to allow an immediate appeal to a higher court in a setback for the president. The Justice Department said it would make an emergency plea directly to an appeals court in Washington, a long-shot legal tactic that is rarely granted in ordinary litigation.


The closely watched case, brought by nearly 200 House and Senate Democrats, is one of several novel challenges that allege Mr. Trump’s ownership of private companies that accept foreign-government business may violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

The Groundwork Is Being Laid To Obtain Trump’s Business Records

A violation of the Emoluments Clause would be a definite impeachable offense. The upside to the lawsuit for congressional Democrats is that the path is now open for Congress to obtain Trump’s business records. In order to understand what happened in 2016, and Trump’s behavior as president, one must follow the money. The best way to follow the money is through Trump’s business records.

Trump is losing everywhere in court. His defense in these lawsuits varies from shoddy to laughably unconstitutional to nonexistent.

The president can’t keep his tax returns and business records hidden forever.

Congress has too many avenues that Trump can’t block.

The truth is coming soon, and the best for Democrats is that it is likely to arrive during the 2020 election.

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