Baby Trump Blimp Approved To Crash Trump’s 4th Of July Party

Trump’s propaganda party on the 4th of July is about to get an unwelcome guest as the Baby Trump balloon has granted a permit to fly over the president’s party.

Permit granted for Baby Trump to fly on the 4th of July

WJLA reported:

Code Pink, an activist group that owns a 20-foot long “Baby Trump” balloon, has officially been approved a permit from the National Park Service to fly the blimp.

The permit application says the group would like to fly “Baby Trump” over “any open grassy area nearest to Lincoln Memorial.”

Codepink said in a statement: “Trump’s America has been one of putting children in cages, dangerous instigation towards war with Iran, banning refugees and immigrants, aligning with the murderous Saudi regime, supporting Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, and spreading hate and racism. On the 4th of July, Trump plans to bring those sentiments to what has traditionally been a nonpartisan holiday in D.C.”

Trump’s hijacking of the national 4th of July celebration draws protesters

Trump has taken the non-partisan national 4th of July celebration and turned into a propaganda party for his presidency. Trump has decided to turn the national holiday into a campaign rally where he will give a speech to the entire country from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Protesters have seized on the opportunity presented by Trump’s massive ego to plan day-long rallies and protests to turn the president’s propaganda party into a national rejection of Trump.

As Trump addresses the nation, Baby Trump will be flying over his head.

Trump’s propaganda party just got a dose of truth, and Baby Trump will be flying high on the 4th of July.

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