Chuck Todd Pushes Trump Gun Confiscation Lie At Democratic Debate

Chuck Todd managed to get Trump talking points into the Democratic debate by asking about the imaginary policy of gun confiscation.

Chuck Todd Pushes Trump Gun Conspiracy During Democratic Debate

Todd asked Beto O’Rourke, “Congressman O’Rourke, you campaigned all over the state in the most conservative parts of your state. What do you tell a gun owner who may agree on everything else, but said the Democrats F I vote for them, they will take my gun away and even though I agree with you on these other issues, how do you have that conversation?”

O’Rourke made it clear that he is not interested in taking anyone’s guns away, so Todd moved on to GUN CONFISCATION.

Todd asked Any Klobuchar, “Let me give 30 seconds to Senator Klobuchar. I’m curious. Gun confiscation, how do you not have that conversation?”

Klobuchar said that she was suggesting a gun buyback, which is not the same as confiscation because it would give gun owners the choice to sell their guns if they chose to do so.


The idea that Democrats are coming to confiscate guns is a fear tactic that the NRA has been using for decades to sell more guns. It is also one of Trump’s main talking points every time he mentions the Second Amendment.

Democrats aren’t coming to confiscate anyone’s guns.

Democrats have no legislation that would confiscate guns.

This reality didn’t stop Chuck Todd from inserting a Trump talking point in the Democratic debate, because as usual Beltway Chuck has lived down to the low expectations of viewers.

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