Nicolle Wallace Nails What The 2020 Election Is Really About

Nicolle Wallace said that the 2020 election isn’t about policies. It is about saving the country from Trumpism.

Nicolle Wallace: The 2020 Election Is About Saving The Country

Wallace said while talking to Eugene Robinson on MSNBC, “I think this is about more than just connecting and getting the priorities right. Thing is about saving the country. And I don’t think that’s — I think that’s where the Democrats have the opportunity to reach across the aisle and grab the attention. We know Donald Trump is going to be watching. Republicans will be watching. And I think you put it perfectly in what you wrote yesterday. And Joe Biden so far has sort of branded his candidacy, if you will, with that message. It’s about taking a 2 X 4 of the ugliest aspects of trumps. The three legs of Donald Trump’s stool, the “Access Hollywood” tape came roaring back into the headlines with another accusation of assault. The Muslim ban was updated with the children being victimized by his immigration policies. Those aren’t mistakes to the policy…And taking the country to the brink of war with Iran. That was for kicks for the president last week. He was telegraphing the whole thing on Twitter. This is about big stuff.”


Policies Aren’t As Important As Defeating Trump

The debate during the 2016 Democratic primary about how to pay for free college for all programs now looks quaint and naive compared to the threat that the nation now faces. The big issue of this election is Donald Trump, and while policies may help some voters decide between candidates, the real question is which of these contenders can beat Trump in November? Voters will be sizing up the candidates as a potential matchup against Trump.

Policies matter, but they mean nothing if the candidate can’t win the general election.

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