Trump’s Lawyer Says President Won’t Block Mueller From Testifying

Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow said that the president would not block Robert Mueller from testifying before two House committees.

Trump won’t block Mueller from testifying

Sekulow said:

Trump’s lawyer also admitted that the president hasn’t read the Mueller report:

House Republicans think that they can discredit Mueller

The White House is fine with Mueller testifying because they think that Mueller will testify and support their “no collusion, no obstruction” lie. The former Special Counsel made it clear in his press conference that the only reason he didn’t charge Trump with a crime was that he couldn’t.
The other reason that Trump won’t block Mueller’s testimony is that House Republicans think that they can damage Mueller’s credibility, and the credibility of his report by questioning him.

Both of these assumptions appear to be foolish, as Trump and his party are ignoring the massive damage that Mueller’s testimony is going to do because it will fuel even more interest in the Mueller report. There is no better way to get the American people to understand the report than to have Robert Mueller explain it to them on TV.

Trump is setting himself up for a world of hurt. If Mueller testifies, Trump and the Republican Party will have an even bigger problem.

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