Cory Booker Has Best Fundraising Day Of The Quarter After Strong Debate Performance

New Jersey senator and 2020 Democratic hopeful Cory Booker is getting a fundraising boost following his strong debate performance on Wednesday.

According to Booker campaign manager Addisu Demissie, the New Jersey lawmaker had the best online fundraising day of the quarter on Wednesday and the second best of his entire campaign in terms of donors and dollars.

Booker didn’t only see a boost in campaign funds, though. According to GoogleTrends, he was the most-searched candidate during Wednesday’s debate.

On Thursday, Booker described his performance in baseball terms, saying he “hit a solid double” and that he believes his debate performance will give his campaign some much-needed traction.

“People are still discovering me,” he said during a radio interview, according to The Hill. “I hope that continues. So a lot of the analytics coming out of the night showed that we gained ground, and I hope that momentum now continues to build.”

The debate could give Booker traction in a crowded field

While some candidates fared better than others during Wednesday night’s first Democratic debate, it’s clear that just about anybody on the stage would be a better president than Donald Trump. The same applies to the ten candidates set to take the stage on Thursday in Florida.

The question is who will be able to surpass the current Democratic front-runner, former vice president Joe Biden, and make a name for themselves in such a crowded field.

It’s unclear whether that candidate could be Cory Booker, but there is no question that he left Wednesday night’s debate in a stronger position than when he arrived.

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