Rex Tillerson Busts Jared Kushner For Hiding Secret Meetings With Saudi Arabia

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner went behind the back of the United States government and held secret meetings with Arab leaders.

Jared Kushner is hiding secret meetings with Saudi Arabia from the US government

The Washington Post reported:

He also said he was not aware of meetings that had been occurring between Arab leaders and Kushner, including a private meeting on May 20, 2017, between Kushner, Trump’s former adviser Stephen K. Bannon and the rulers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

“What’s your reaction to a meeting of that sort having taken place without your knowledge?” Tillerson was asked by committee staff.

“It makes me angry,” Tillerson said. “Because I didn’t have a say. The State Department’s views were never expressed.”

Tillerson said he asked Kushner to stop making trips overseas without consulting with the embassy or the State Department.

Jared Kushner was deemed a national security risk

Kushner was initially denied a security clearance, but intelligence officials were overruled by Trump who ordered that his son in law be given a top secret security clearance.

It is not just Trump who is holding secret meetings that he won’t tell his own government about. The entire Trump family appears to be using their positions to act on their own with no accountability to their own government. The Trumps are hiding their interactions with foreign governments just like they did during the 2016 election. By holding “off the books” meetings, Kushner is undermining the official policy of the United States.

The reason why US foreign policy appears to be incoherent is that it is.

Government agencies run what they think is the official policy, while Jared Kushner is running a secret foreign policy.

Kushner’s behavior is bad governance, bad policy, and a threat to national security.

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