Kamala Harris Was The Breakout Star Of The Democratic Debate

Kamala Harris had a dream debate where she broke through the crowd and the clutter and elevated herself in the Democratic primary field.

Kamala Harris had several breakout moments

Harris had her big moment when she took on Biden on race:

Sen. Harris took on Trump’s policy of locking up kids:

Harris called out the Trump tax cuts:

Does One Debate In June Matter?

The question is, will anyone remember this debate, or will it still matter in two weeks? Harris has struggled in Iowa and New Hampshire, if she can’t build momentum off of this debate in those states, it won’t matter. Where this debate will immediately help is with attention and fundraising. Harris had pretty flatlined in the polls. This debate should give her a polling bump, which will help fundraising.

Sen. Harris has a great night, but the question is, will it matter in the big picture?

For one night, she delivered what could be a star-making performance.