Trump Immigration Official, Ken Cuccinelli, Blames Migrant Drowning Victims For Their Own Deaths

Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, blamed a desperate Salvadorian migrant who drowned at the border for his own daughter’s death.

Ken Cuccinelli Blames Migrant Drowning Victims For Their Own Deaths

Cuccinelli said on CNN, The reason we have tragedies like that on the border is because that father didn’t wait to go through the asylum process in the legal fashion and decided to cross the river and not only died but his daughter died tragically as well. Until we fix the attractions in our asylum system, people like that father and that child are going to continue to come through a dangerous trip.”

Trump’s immigration policy is killing migrants

The newly minted Trump administration official left out the fact that Trump has made it impossible for immigrants to gain asylum legally. Trump can’t get Congress to end asylum, so he has done everything in his power to asylum virtually impossible for any Central American migrant to obtain. Oscar Martínez was a desperate young man who was fleeing violence with his family. He wasn’t a criminal. His toddler daughter did nothing wrong. He was trying to come to America for a safer life, and Donald Trump’s immigration policy led to the deaths of him and his daughter.

The truth is that Trump’s immigration policy is killing migrants, and that’s the point.

The Trump administration is trying to scare migrants into not attempting to come to the United States, but no matter what horrific risks and concentration camp like conditions awaits them, the migrants will keep coming because the possibility of death or misery in the US is better than near-certain death in their home countries.