Trump Gushes Like A Lovestruck Teenager Because Kim Jong Un Follows Him On Twitter


Donald Trump gushed like a lovestruck teenager on Saturday because North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un apparently follows him on Twitter.

After Trump tweeted out a request to do a quick photo-op with the North Korean leader during his G20 trip, the president was visibly excited by the fact that Kim Jong Un’s people quickly responded to the request.

“He follows my Twitter,” Trump said, while speaking for America on the world stage. “I guess so, because we got a call very quickly. A lot of people follow it.”


More from MSNBC’s AM Joy:

As Joy Reid noted on Saturday, “What Trump really seems to want is a photo op with murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Here is Trump tweeting out a plea for Kim to please come and hang out at the DMZ. Please, please come and spend time with me and take selfies.”

“Oh my god, he follows me on Twitter. Will there be friendship bracelets?” the MSNBC mockingly mimed Trump.

Trump is lovestruck by brutal dictators

In the past, American presidents have used events like the G20 to stand in solidarity with U.S. allies and promote liberal democracy on the world stage.

Since Trump took office, though, he has used these events to cozy up to dictators and autocrats, like Russian president Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In fact, according to The Washington Post, when the president was given the opportunity to defend “Western-style liberalism” in response to criticism from Putin, Trump sidestepped the question and demonstrated that he doesn’t know a damn thing about liberal democracy, which presidents of both parties have consistently promoted on the world stage.

Instead, Trump used the question to attack major cities in California, saying they are “sad to look at” because they are “run by liberal people.”

What’s truly “sad to look at” is an American president standing on the world stage, selling out democracy and cozying up to brutal dictators.

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