Trump Makes Up Imaginary Quotes From World Leaders About His Greatness

It was clear that Trump was making it up when he claimed that other world leaders were complimenting him on the US economy at the G20.

Trump Invents Quotes From World Leaders

Trump said:

We’re the hot show. We’re the hottest show in town. We’re the hottest show in the world right now. Our economy is the best.

One thing that every leader — virtually every leader that I dealt with said is that, “Congratulations. It’s incredible what’s happened to the American economy.” We’re the best economy in the world. And it’s something. And it started from Election Day. I put it out yesterday because we took a tremendous boost from — the day after I got elected, the stock market went crazy, from that point until essentially now. I think we hit, in certain of the markets, we hit the all-time high again for many, many times. I can’t tell you what it was, but many, many times we broke the record.

And we’re — you know, our stock market is great. Our jobs are great. We have the best job numbers, essentially, we’ve ever had. In some categories, definitely we’ve ever had. The minimum, you could say, is in 51 years, but it’s really more than that, and now it’s going to be more than that.


The World Leaders That Trump Quotes Are Never Identified

I highly doubt that any world leader called Trump and the US economy the hottest show in town. Trump always repeats these supposed compliments, but he never attributes them to anyone, and the people who said them don’t come forward and say them publicly.

The reason why is that the compliments aren’t real.

Trump is making them up to make himself look better.

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