Ivanka Trump Is Being Mocked By The World After Annoying World Leaders At G20

No other world leader had a family member with them at the G20, but Ivanka Trump was running around, flailing her arms, and trying to seem important.


The world leaders looked clearly annoyed as Ivanka horned in, started waving her arms around and saying, yeah over and over again.

AOC pointed out that being someone’s daughter is not a career:

Michael McFaul tweeted:

Trump is setting his kids up for more corruption and profit

Many have asked why was Ivanka Trump there? The answer is that she was there because Donald Trump has used the president to place his daughter and son in law in a position to use their status as members of the administration to financially profit.

Ivanka Trump should be mocked by the world. She had nothing to add to the conversation that she made herself a part of, but she wanted to look like she was a player on the world stage, so she tried to fake it.

It didn’t work. The world saw her, and now they are laughing.

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