Kamala Harris Takes Down Trump For Joking About Russian Election Attack

Kamala Harris said that the Russian attack on the 2016 election is not a joking matter, and Trump doesn’t voice the values of America.

Harris said during an interview on MSNBC, “It is not a joking matter by any stretch. I serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee. I serve on the Senate Homeland Security Committee. Russia interfered in the election for President Of The United States and we need to hear the American intelligence community when they tell us that and take it seriously. It was an attack on our democracy and an attack on our values and to joke about that is to suggest he has no appreciation of the responsibility. Both in terms of being the voice of America and in terms of being the voice of the values and priorities of America.”


Harris’ answer is a reminder that the issue that resonates most with voters isn’t the election attack, but Trump’s character. Hillary Clinton tried to call attention to Trump’s character in 2016, but it was more difficult for her to do because Trump was just a candidate and she could only speculate, in hindsight, she was right, about what Trump would be like as president. The 2020 candidates have evidence right in front of them on a daily basis about Trump’s lack of character.

Sen. Harris nailed one of the key issues of 2020, and that is Trump’s refusal to defend America from those who want to harm the country.

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