Trump’s 4th Of July Hijacking Flops As Most Americans Won’t Watch His Speech

Most Americans don’t know about Trump’s 4th of July speech, and those who do, aren’t planning on watching it.

Just 33% of Americans say they’ll watch Trump’s speech

A new Monmouth University Poll found, “Just over half (52%) of the American public approve of Trump’s intention to address the nation from the Lincoln Memorial on July 4th rather than taping a standard video message. One-third (34%) disapprove. However, very few people (20%) have heard anything about the president’s planned speech. Among those who have heard about it – and are presumably aware of the controversy surrounding this decision – just 37% approve and 56% disapprove. Among all Americans, 81% of Republicans, 55% of independents, and 27% of Democrats support the president’s plan to give a public speech. One-third (33%) of Americans say they plan to watch Trump’s speech on July 4th. This is significantly less than the number of people who say they will attend a barbecue (69%) or go to a professional fireworks show (51%) that day, but about the same as the number who plan to set off their own fireworks (31%) or go to an Independence Day parade (28%).”

Trump’s 4th of July is a flop

Trump is trying to get the military to display tanks and armored vehicles at his propaganda party. The centerpiece of the event is supposed to be Trump giving a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but if a president gives a speech, and no one is watching, does it matter?

The Monmouth Poll is evidence that the American people have already turned out Donald Trump. The 4th of July is typical of the way most people treat this president. He is background noise that gets ignored while they go about their daily lives.

Trump is producing the event himself at an unknown cost to taxpayers.

Donald Trump is throwing a party for himself, and no one is going to show up.

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