Trump Refuses To Admit That Most Americans Hate His Guts

Trump retreated back to his fantasy 2016 election as the president is refusing to admit that most Americans can’t stand him.

Trump constructs a fantasy of popularity

Trump tweeted:

When he wasn’t blaming his lack of popularity on audio in a debate hall in 2016, Trump was blaming the press. The president told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday, “A poll just came out today I’m at 54 or 55, and they do say you can add 10 to whatever poll I have, okay? And I never get good press. I mean, I haven’t had a good story.”

Trump has an entire cable news network (Fox News) dedicated to doing nothing, but delivering him good press, and the president’s add ten points to polls and I’m popular reasoning is silly. Subtract ten pounds from a person’s weight and they’re thinner. Add 10% to a person’s bank account, and they have more money. That’s not the way reality works.

Trump won’t admit that most Americans hate him

Trump’s base is small, but they are rabid for him. The rest of the country that isn’t the 35%-38% that will believe anything Trump says really don’t like the president. Trump’s overall approval rating sits at 38%. Trump is the only president in the history of polling to never have an approval rating above 50%. Americans didn’t like Donald Trump as a candidate. They don’t like as a president, and they won’t like him as an incumbent running for reelection in 2020.

Donald Trump won’t accept that he is already one of the most reviled presidents in US history.

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