Kamala Harris Jumps To Second As Joe Biden Continues To Lead In Iowa


A new Iowa poll has Kamala Harris passing Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, but still trailing Joe Biden by 8 points.

According to the latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll:
In a new Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll, Biden continues to lead the field, backed by 24% of those who say they are likely to attend the Democratic caucuses in Iowa that open the presidential contests next year. But Harris has jumped to second place, at 16%, leapfrogging over Sanders, whose support sagged to single digits. At 9%, he finished fourth, behind Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 13%.

The new standings are hardly set in stone. Twenty-one percent are undecided. Six of 10 who have decided say they might change their mind before the caucuses. Just one in four say their minds are firmly made up.


Forty percent of Iowa voters polled said that Biden did worse than expected, which sends a clear message that the former vice president must do better in the second debate at the end of July. The news is all good for Sen. Harris supporters are she has seen her support double in the state after a perfect first debate. Elizabeth Warren is also solidly in the top tier, but the slide of Bernie Sanders is starting to show up in Iowa.

If Sanders and Warren don’t pull at least 15% support in Iowa, they won’t be leaving the first caucus in the nation with delegates. The first debate shook up the Democratic primary, and the good news for all of the candidates is that there is still plenty of time for the race to continue to shift.

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