Russian State TV Admits That Donald Trump Is Theirs


Russian state TV bragged about how Putin captivated Trump and proclaimed that the President Of The United States belongs to Russia.

Russians proclaim that Trump is theirs

Julia Davis tweeted:


Here is the video, which is in Russian:

Russia is famous for propaganda, but they are thrilled to have their own US president

Trump and some Republicans continue to make the laughable claim that the president is tough on Russia, but the viewpoint coming out of Putin’s media is that Donald Trump is precisely what Hillary Clinton called him in 2016, a puppet of Putin.

The Russians are openly admitting that they put Donald Trump in office and he belongs to them.

There is nothing that Trump has done during his presidency to disprove that he belongs to Putin. At the recent G20, Trump joked with Putin about Russia interfering in the 2020 election. It is not about “collusion,” but an American president who was put into office by a hostile foreign power who are now asserting their ownership of him. Trump is working for Putin, and even with the Russians boasting on television, House and Senate Republicans will never vote to impeach and convict Donald Trump.

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