Trump Handed Massive Loss On Citizenship Question As Printing Of Census Forms Moves Ahead


Trump has officially lost his bid to add a citizenship question to the Census, as the government will be printing the Census forms without a citizenship question.

There Will Be No Citizenship Question On The Census


Daniel Jacobson tweeted:

Here is the DOJ email advising that the government print the Census forms without the question:

Trump loses on the Census citizenship question

All of Trump’s talk about delaying the Census was empty hot air. As soon as the Supreme Court did not rule in his favor, the citizenship question was dead because the government can’t delay the Census, and they only had a few days before the forms had to be printed. Trump isn’t going to get his citizenship question. Republicans aren’t going to get to rig the House of Representatives for a decade to come. There will be no national gerrymander of House districts.

Trump’s dream of making sure that non-white votes don’t count is dead as a doornail.

Donald Trump tried to abuse his power to rig the system and has once again been smacked down, as there will be no weaponizing on the Census to suppress the vote in 2020 and beyond.

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