Military Expert Says Trump Is Showing His Weakness With Tank Show

Col. Jack Jacobs said that Trump is showing his weakness with his tank display on the 4th of July, and truly powerful leaders don’t need to show their tanks.

Trump is showing his weakness with 4th of July tank show

Jacobs said on MSNBC:

It’s a bit ironic — here’s a guy who dodged service in Vietnam. Dodged service, period. To surround himself with the trappings of the military establishment. Who are providing these things reluctantly, by the way, I might a number of people are really reluctantly providing these assets. The interesting thing about this is as you mentioned, there are tank countries, Russia, China, North Korea. And there are non-tank countries. We’re a non-tank country. We have got lots and lots of tanks, by the way. We have something like 1,300…If you’re genuinely strong, you don’t have to demonstrate that you’re strong. And those who are weak generally speaking parade this stuff around. We don’t have to do it. The fact that we’re doing it is very troubling.”


Trump is using tanks and the 4th of July to give his illegitimate presidency legitimacy

As former President Carter said recently, Trump is an illegitimate president who was put into power by the Russians. Trump has hijacked the 4th of July and is using the military in an effort to provide himself legitimacy.

The fiasco that is costing taxpayers millions of dollars isn’t about the 4th of July, or patriotism. It is a bid by Trump to make his un-American presidency look legit.

Donald Trump is still trying to play president, and he is failing miserably.

Trump thinks that the tanks on the National Mall are a sign of strength but in reality, it is the ultimate show of weakness.