Rachel Maddow Warns That Trump Is Setting Up A Census Constitutional Crisis

Rachel Maddow said that by defying a lawful court order, Donald Trump is putting the nation on course for a constitutional crisis.

Rachel Maddow says Trump is triggering a constitutional crisis

Maddow said, “A policy dispute is not a constitutional crisis. A bad actor holding public office is not a constitutional crisis. A constitutional crisis would be like, for example, a president choosing to defy a lawful court order. That is what we are edging at here. All this obstruction of justice about the Mueller report and how the president was ordering the justice department to do things to serve his own interest and they were moderately resisting to the extent they could. All that was potential obstruction of justice by the president. All of that is to decide whether the president committed those crimes and to see the type of constitutional pressure the president was using to try to pull apart the threads that make us the country that we are. The president defies a lawful court order and informs the justice department to do so. That’s no longer dispute. That’s constitutional crisis territory. You can count on people at the justice department to be the people to stop it from happening? You can’t say you didn’t see this coming, right?”


Trump’s theory of executive power is attacking democracy

Trump and the members of his administration view the Executive Branch as more powerful and superior to the other branches of government. Trump has taken Nixon’s theory of if the president does it, it’s legal and multiplied it by a power of one hundred. Trump not only believes that a president has unlimited power, but that the president is also more powerful and superior to the other branches of government.

Trump’s theory is an attack on the separation of powers and a threat to the constitution.

Rachel Maddow is right. The nation is heading for a constitutional crisis, and impeachment is the only remedy.

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