Robert Reich Calls Trump A Mad King Who Must Be Impeached

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich referred to Trump as a mad king who is laying the predicate for his own impeachment.

Trump is a mad king crying out for impeachment

Reich said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, “Well, there is no constraint at all, Chris. There is not even a Trump administration. There is Donald Trump. As you pointed out, the irony here, this is the night before Independence Day, where we fought a tyrant, we declared our Independence from what essentially was then a mad king. We created a constitution, a constitution with checks and balances and separation of and now we have a mad king back again that basically is defying all of the constitutional provisions, basically thumbing his know at the supreme court, pushing the envelope as far he possibly can and then some in terms of getting his way, not allowing any congressional oversight. Basically saying to the House, I’m not giving anything. I’m instructing everybody to say no to anything appearing before you with regard to any documents. What are we supposed to do? I think he is laying a predicate for impeachment.”


Robert Reich was correct. The Trump administration is not going to constrain this president. The House of Representatives is trying, but they are being obstructed by the great Trump enabler, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The odds are that Trump loses his bid to get the citizenship question included in the Census on Friday, but it is the fact that the country is being governed by a man who has no respect for democracy and democratic institutions that is the big concern.

Our system of governance is based on three co-equal branches of government and a separation of powers. The nation currently has a president who doesn’t recognize the equality of the other branches of government, or their power.

The remedy for this presidential behavior is laid out in the constitution.

It is called impeachment, and Trump is careening toward his impeachment destiny.

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