Rep. Ted Lieu Just Owned Trump On His Citizenship Question Lie

Trump is lying about delaying the Census, and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is calling him out on his false, inaccurate, and incorrect nonsense.

Trump claimed that the email from the Justice Department giving up the fight on his citizenship question was fake.

Rep. Ted Lieu called Trump out

Here is the email from the DOJ dropping the whole thing:

It’s over. Trump is lying either because no one in his administration told him that they were giving up on the Census citizenship question, or because he thinks that he can make believe that the Census includes a citizenship question when it does not.

Rep. Lieu was right to call Trump out. The Census can’t be delayed. The president does not have the power to delay the Census. The Supreme Court effectively killed Trump’s citizenship question, and all the helpless impotent Trump can do is urge those in his orbit to lie for him.

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