Support For Trump Impeachment Is Now Higher Than At Any Point Before Nixon Resigned

A new Gallup poll had found that support for impeaching Donald Trump is now higher than at any point before Richard Nixon resigned.

Support For Trump Impeachment Is Higher Than Nixon

According to Gallup:

Trump’s impeachment number exceeds what Gallup found using a similar question for Bill Clinton throughout the Monica Lewinsky controversy, as well as for Richard Nixon at the beginning of the Watergate controversy.

For the entirety of Gallup’s trend on Clinton, public support for impeaching him never exceeded 35% (that was recorded in mid-September 1998), but it was as low as 19% in the initial reading in June 1998.

The range of support for impeaching Nixon in the early months of the Watergate investigation that led to Nixon’s downfall was similar to Clinton’s. From June 1973 to January 1974, between 19% and 38% of Americans agreed he should be “impeached and compelled to leave the presidency.”

Here is the Nixon chart:

Trump impeachment still has crossed the majority threshold, but it is growing

The impeachment question can be examined on its face as basic of support for impeaching the president, but it is also a reflection of Trump’s unpopularity. If House Democrats don’t impeach Trump voters may take it upon themselves to remove Trump from office in 2020. A bigger problem for Trump is who supports impeachment. Support for impeaching Trump is strongest with women, nonwhites, young adults. These three groups of voters could all swing the 2020 election by turning up at the polls in larger numbers than they did in 2016.

Support for impeachment is increasing. The Russia investigation fire is far from being extinguished.

More people want Trump gone than supported Nixon impeachment, as Donald Trump is officially the consistently least popular president in the history of polling.

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