The Russians Are Laughing At Trump’s 4th of July Military Parade


Russian state TV is mocking Trump for his military parade and claiming that the president is just trying to keep up with Putin.

The Russians are laughing at Trump

Russia’s state-run TV is mocking Trump:

Trump Thinks Putin is His Friend, But Putin Is Trying To Destroy US Democracy


The Russian response to Trump’s “show of strength” is proof that Trump is being played for a fool by Putin. The Russians don’t see Trump and the United States as a friend. The Russians see Trump as a useful idiot who is their weapon on the inside to undermine and destroy American democracy. The Russians are out to weaken the United States. They got Donald Trump elected because he would help them accomplish their goal.

Every day that Trump is president makes the United States weaker.

Trump’s military parade style 4th of July is a joke because it goes against everything that our nation stands for.

Trump has turned American into a laughingstock one bad idea at a time.

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