Trump Thinks He Can Overrule The Supreme Court With An Executive Order (He Can’t)

Trump thinks that he can overrule the Supreme Court and get his citizenship question on the Census with an executive order, but he can’t.

Trump Thinks He Can Overrule The Supreme Court With An Executive Order

Trump said, “We’re thinking about doing it. We have four or five ways we can do it. We’re doing well on the census..No, he made a statement. He wrote something out, the judge didn’t like it. I have a lot of respect for justice Roberts, but he didn’t like it. But he did say come back. Essentially he said come back. That’s what he was saying. So we’ll see what happens. We can also add an addition on so we can start the printing now and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision. So we’re working on a lot of things, including an executive order.”


Trump own administration knows that an executive order won’t work

CNN reported that Trump administration officials already know that an executive order will lead to more problems, “Administration officials have privately cast skepticism on the feasibility of unilateral executive action, leaving the route forward unclear. They point to the fact that an executive order or another kind of directive with an alternative rationale would be subject to court injunctions over the next several weeks that could further complicate and an already tenuous timeline.”

An executive order would immediately be challenged in court, and since the Census forms are already being printed, the longer the delay goes, the less likely the odds are that the question can be added.

Trump isn’t going to get his chance to nationally gerrymander the House for Republicans.

The president doesn’t understand that executive orders aren’t laws and that he can’t overturn a Supreme Court decision with an executive order.

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