Trump Blames 4th of July Speech Fail On His Teleprompter Going Out

Trump’s excuse for delivering a dud of a 4th of July speech is that his teleprompter stopped working several times during the speech.

Trump blames terrible 4th of July speech on his teleprompter

As he was leaving the White House, Trump said, “The teleprompter went out, it went kaput. So I could have said — and actually right in the middle of a sentence, it went out. That’s not a good feeling when you’re standing in front of millions and millions of people on television, and I don’t know what the final count was, but that went all the way back to the Washington Monument, and I guess the rain knocked out the so, but, no, it’s not that. I knew the speech very well, so I was able to do it without a teleprompter. But the teleprompter did go out. And it was actually hard to look at anyway because there was rain all over it. But despite the rain, that was just a fantastic evening.”


The teleprompter didn’t ruin Trump’s 4th of July speech. It was that Donald Trump had no business giving a 4th of July speech. Trump’s remarks were empty and dull. The speech was a pretense for the president to get a military parade for himself.

Trump made fun of Obama and Hillary Clinton for using a teleprompter, but after he delivered a dull dud of a speech, the president complained about how hard it is to a read a teleprompter in the rain.

Donald Trump always has an excuse, and this time he is blaming the teleprompter for his own failure.

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