Trump Used Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Film A Campaign Ad


Trump’s 4th of July party was about squeezing more money out of his DC hotel and getting the taxpayers to pay for a new campaign ad.

Trump’s “Salute To America” Was Really A Campaign Ad

As Joyce Vance tweeted:

Former Director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub tweeted:


Trump constantly thinks in terms of free media. The Salute To America was always about Trump finding a new way to corruptly help his reelection campaign and profit off of the presidency. Trump stole from the taxpayers to help his campaign, and in the process created an event that allowed him to jack up the rates at his DC hotel. It was all a con. Trump didn’t get the fawning media coverage that he was hoping for, but he did get a free campaign ad that he and his supporters will use through Election Day 2020.

Donald Trump and his family view the presidency as an ATM that keeps giving, which is why the Trumps will break any law to remain in the White House.

The 4th of July was Trump’s backdrop and you are paying the bill for his latest campaign ad.

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