Trump Melts Down And Claims Democrats and The New York Times Are Conspiring Against Him

While leaving his private club in New Jersey, Trump claimed that Democrats and The New York Times are working together against him.

Trump Thinks The New York Times And Democrats Are Out To Get Him

Trump said:

The New York Times” story is a hoax. I think anything “The New York Times,” writes nowadays, they’re really — you know, they use the word unhinged, “The New York Times.” I call it the failing “New York Times” for a reason. Check their unfunded liability and see what they’re worth. They’re already a failed “New York Times.” When we write a story like that, I went to my people and they said, sir, it’s not true. We told them about a crisis. They said it was manufactured. They laughed for months. And it turned out it wasn’t manufactured. We were right about that. We told them that the detention centers are really full, and they got to change the loopholes and the asylum and the immigration laws.

We can do it quickly, but we have no way to do it because the Democrats — but “The New York Times” story is a fabrication. Now, I look — I had people there that told me the job that they are doing is incredible. In all cases, if you look, people that came from unbelievable poverty, they had no water or anything where they came from, those are people that are very happy with what’s going on because relatively speaking, they’re in much better shape right now. The border patrol and all of the law enforcement that’s working on the border, it’s incredible what they’re doing. They’ve had to become nurses, they had to become janitors, they had to become things they were never trained to do, all because the Democrats refuse to change the loopholes and the asylum and the immigration laws. I think it’s a disgrace, and “The New York Times” is basically a partner with the Democrats the way I look at it. They should never be allowed to write stories like that.


The New York Times reported the truth about the conditions inside the detention center in Clint, Texas. Democrats are speaking the truth about Trump’s cruelty toward migrants. The facts are not a conspiracy against this president.

Trump is growing more paranoid. He can’t justify how migrants are being treated so all he can do is scream fake news and build conspiracies.

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