Trump Attacks Fox News For Showing Too Many Democrats

Trump attacked Fox News for using The New York Times as a source and having Democrats on the network.

Trump Goes On The Attack Against Fox News

Trump tweeted:

Instead of doing his job, Trump is watching TV

Every president who has been asked what is their most precious resource as president has always answered time. Presidents have a limited time in office and engaged in a constant battle to use that time effectively. Well, that was the story of the presidency until Donald Trump came along. Trump is wasting his presidency watching TV. Trump doesn’t value the presidency or his time in the office. Trump is frittering away his most limited resource in front of his TiVo.

On the surface, Trump is mad that there is too much criticism of him on Fox News, read: any criticism of him on Fox News. The president’s rage at Fox and the other cable networks is telling. All presidents dislike their media coverage, but Trump demands publicity, not journalism. Trump doesn’t respect the media, and even Fox News, which sings his praises on a daily basis, is not immune from his wrath if they dare to report a fact.

Trump’s attack on his ally Fox News is illuminating, as it illustrates the depth of the president’s hatred of press freedom.

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