Trump’s Dossier Conspiracy Collapses As DOJ Finds Steele Credible

DOJ investigators interviewed Christopher Steele for 16 hours, and they came away finding him to be surprising and credible.

DOJ Finds Steele Credible And The FBI Did Nothing Wrong In Russia Probe

Politico reported:

The extensive, two-day interview took place in London while Trump was in Britain for a state visit, the sources said, and delved into Steele’s extensive work on Russian interference efforts globally, his intelligence-collection methods and his findings about Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, who the FBI ultimately surveilled. The FBI’s decision to seek a surveillance warrant against Page — a warrant they applied for and obtained after Page had already left the campaign — is the chief focus of the probe by Horowitz.

The interview was contentious at first, the sources added, but investigators ultimately found Steele’s testimony credible and even surprising. The takeaway has irked some U.S. officials interviewed as part of the probe — they argue that it shouldn’t have taken a foreign national to convince the inspector general that the FBI acted properly in 2016. Steele’s American lawyer was present for the conversation.

Trump’s Steele Dossier Conspiracy Has Collapsed

Attorney General William Barr launched an internal investigation into the FBI’s conduct during the Russia investigation to help Trump prove his “witch hunt” theory that the FBI was out to get him. The finding by the internal investigation that Steele is credible is a crippling blow to the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump has been trying to use to muddy the waters on the Russia investigation.

Trump’s investigate the investigators abuse of power is falling apart. There is nothing to the conspiracy that the FBI was out to get Trump during the 2016 campaign. Christopher Steele’s dossier was not the reason why the FBI launched an investigation into the Trump campaign. The FBI never spied on Donald Trump. It is a disgrace that William Barr would conduct this internal investigation. There is no evidence that the FBI did anything wrong in investigating the Trump campaign.

Trump and Barr thought that they could discredit the Russia investigation, but have only discredited the conspiracy theories of Donald Trump.

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