Democrats To Investigate The Relationship Between Epstein, Trump, And Acosta

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said that House and Senate Democrats would both be using all of the tools available to them to investigate the relationship between Jeffery Epstein, Trump, and Alex Acosta.

Sen. Coons said on MSNBC’s Meet The Press Daily, “In the House, they have the ability and the judiciary committee to use compulsory service subpoenas to get witnesses to come and testify and I suspect they likely will. One of my colleagues senator Blumenthal has called for oversight into the relationship between Trump and Acosta and Epstein regardless of whether Acosta leaves the cabinet. The larger issue here really, Kasie, is about rule of law.”


Fox News is freaking out and trying to blame Obama for Epstein’s plea deal. Trump is blaming everyone else but Acosta for the plea deal. It is clear that Republicans are worried that Epstein is going to trace back to Trump. The president doesn’t have to be involved in Epstein’s crimes. The association is bad enough. Republicans are circling the wagons to defend Acosta because he is the direct political connection to Trump.

Democrats are calling for Acosta to resign, and the only way that Trump will avoid a potentially fatal congressional investigation is to get rid of his Secretary of Labor. House and Senate Democrats aren’t going to drop this, and they will keep digging to highlight the Trump/Epstein connection.

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