Democrats Just Made The Jeffrey Epstein Case Much Worse For Trump

House Oversight Committee Chairman Cummings (D-MD) has called on Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta to publicly testify on July 23 about his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Democrats to hold a hearing on Jeffrey Epstein and Alex Acosta

NBC News reported:

Members have also requested a briefing from the DOJ on the Epstein case:

Democrats are going to dig deep into the relationship between Acosta, Epstein, and Trump. The Epstein case is already a big problem for Trump as he has gone on the record praising a child sex trafficker as a good guy.

The heat is just getting started. Acosta will be trying to get out in front of the story, and save his job in the Trump administration by addressing the media at 2:30 ET, but a full investigation is going to be done in public as to how a child sex predator was given a non-prosecution deal that allowed him to continue to abuse children, and the man who gave him that deal ended up with a cabinet job in the Trump administration.

The shoes have only begun to drop on what could be a very ugly story for Donald Trump.

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