The Epstein/Acosta Scandal Has Spread To Mitch McConnell

Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) said that Senate Majority Leader is blocking hearings into the Trump/Alex Acosta/Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Mitch McConnell is blocking oversight into Alex Acosta and Jeffrey Epstein

Sen. Smith said when she was asked about Senate oversight on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, “Well, we’ll wait and see. I suspect that he had one audience in mind when he gave his press conferences today, and that was the president of the United States. We’ll see what he thinks about it. I don’t think that he persuaded me nor many of my colleagues that are really worried about the way in which he couldn’t even apologize to these now these were — these were children. They were teenagers when this happened to them. So I would love to see some oversight here. But as you know right now, we don’t do a lot of oversight in the United States Senate. The United States Senate is kind of the place under Mitch McConnell’s leadership where good ideas go to die.”


As Donald Trump is waiting for the cable news coverage to tell him what to do with Acosta, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is spreading to other parts of the Republican Party. McConnell should allow hearings and investigation, but since losing the House, the Senate Majority Leader has become Donald Trump’s primary protector in Congress. McConnell is failing all of Epstein’s victims and the institution of the United States Senate.

The Epstein scandal is spreading. While the feeble and inept president waits for guidance from his television, the rage of a nation is growing toward the Republican Party. McConnell is replicating the same behavior that caused Republicans to lose the House. Protecting Trump at all cost could end up costing Mitch McConnell his job.

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