Lawrence O’Donnell Just Connected Sexual Assaulter Trump To Jeffrey Epstein

Lawrence O’Donnell connected the dots and drew a straight line from sexual assaulter Donald Trump to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Lawrence O’Donnell connects Acosta, Epstein, and Trump

O’Donnell said:

First, the most important thing to remember when reviewing today’s news is something that is not part of today’s news. Something that wasn’t mentioned in the Labor Secretary’s press conference about why he decided not to prosecute for sex crimes and the labor secretary was the U.S. Attorney in Florida. The most important thing to remember about all of the news today involving the sex crimes of Donald Trump’s old friend, Jeffrey Epstein and the refusal to prosecute those alleged crimes by Alex Acosta when he was a federal prosecutor is that Donald Trump is himself an accused sexual assaulter. An accused sex criminal. He stands accused by dozens of women. Donald Trump does himself. Most recently he was accused of deliberate forcible violent rape by author E. Jean Carroll. And even more important than that than the accusations, the president of the United States is a confessed sexual assaulter.


Only that president would have appointed Alex Acosta to a government job of any kind. Any other president would have seen a day of reckoning was going to come eventually for Alex Acosta as it has now finally come. Only Donald Trump would not care about that day of reckoning and how Alex Acosta handled a major sex crimes case against a rich old friend of Donald Trump’s in Palm Beach.


Alex Acosta not prosecuting a friend of Trump’s who sexually abused teenage girls is the perfect encapsulation of Donald Trump and his administration. The problem for Donald Trump isn’t Alex Acosta or Jeffrey Epstein. It is that the presence of Acosta in his administration and his friendship with Epstein both remind the American people that Donald Trump is a self-confessed sexual assaulter.

Trump is a predator president, and Lawrence O’Donnell perfectly revealed the connection between Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and Alex Acosta wrapped up in an entitled attitude of getting away with anything.

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