Amy McGrath Raises $2.5 Million As Mitch McConnell’s Nightmare Comes True

Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath raised $2.5 on the first day of her campaign to unseat Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Amy McGrath Sets A Fundraising Record

NBC News reported:
Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Amy McGrath raised more than $2.5 million in the first 24 hours of her campaign against Mitch McConnell — over $1 million of it coming in just the first five and a half hours after she announced, according to her campaign.


All of the $2.5 million came in online donations with an average donation of $36.15, her campaign manager said. The $2.5 million total doesn’t include any additional traditional fundraising money that may have been raised in the form of checks or promised campaign contributions.

McGrath showed her strength as a candidate during an interview on MSNBC, “A lot of Kentuckians voted for President Trump because President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, he was going to bring back jobs. He was going to do some reasonable things like get down prescription drug prices, which is so important for Kentucky, and Senator McConnell has stopped that, too.”

McGrath raised more money in her first 24 hours than any other 2020 Democratic Senate candidate.

Amy McGrath Is A Serious Challenger To Mitch McConnell

The odds of McGrath being able to win Kentucky with the popular in the state Trump at the top of the ticket, and McConnell’s political machine in the state getting out the vote for himself, are slim, but what matters more than McGrath’s current odds of victory is that she is going to be a credible challenger that will force McConnell to spend some of the huge pile of money that he raises on his own campaign, instead of giving it to other Senate candidates around the country.

The more money that Republicans have to spend to prop up incumbents like McConnell, the less there will be for other Republican House and Senate candidates.

Trump’s approval has fallen by 19 points in Kentucky, but he is still at a net (+15) 56%-41%.
McGrath could be the Republican Party’s worst nightmare. She has the potential to turn a deep red state like Kentucky into a battleground, and the domino effect could hurt Trump and Republicans running in races all over the country.

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