Rachel Maddow Just Owned Trump And Pence Over Stripper Golf Tourney At Mar-a-Lago

Rachel Maddow took the news that Trump was planning to profit off of a golf tournament featuring strippers at his private club and torched Trump and Mike Pence.

Maddow jokingly blamed Obama for Trump’s behavior and took a shot at “Christian” Mike Pence:


I blame Obama. Who among us doesn’t recall how President Obama’s frequent nude dancer auctions at the private business he and Michelle kept operating on the side broke the seal over that outrage over that kind of thing. After all his nude dancer auctions. That’s why the president’s business had been planning this event and why no one much cared. Because of the outrage over Obama doing this kind of thing. No one cared until it ended up on the front page of The Washington Post.

I wondered if the Pence family would show up. Would they be more fiscally responsible and do the buy it now nude dancer or try their luck with the auction? What do you think, Pence family? Again, as of tonight within the last hour or so, we have new this is has been called up. It’s up at exotic dancer.com. Maybe people will still show. It has been canceled. The idea that President Trump would be trying to profit from something like this or trying to hold an event like this involving the use of his family crest and all of the rest, it’s sort of just Wednesday in an average trump presidency news cycle. On a day like today, it’s hard to avoid that it’s not just a one-off. The Trump presidency has been like in an ongoing way. It seems like it’s going to continue.



There has been so much constant corruption by Trump and his administration that it is easy to become desensitized to it all, but Rachel Maddow’s point is that this is not normal. Maddow also said that the news has been especially dark this week, which it has, but it is important to call out not only the absurdity of the Trump behavior but how corrupt and unprecedented it is.


Donald Trump has no values, and Rachel Maddow used the strip club golf story to not only take a jab at Trump for blaming Obama for everything but also calling out the fake Christianity of Mike Pence.

These have been some dark days and a little absurd blame Obama humor from Rachel Maddow is much welcomed.

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