Trump Is Watching TV To Decide Whether Or Not To Fire Acosta

Trump is watching the cable news coverage to determine whether or not he will fire Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta.

If Acosta Generates Too Much Bad TV Coverage, Trump Will Fire Him

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times tweeted:

Trump is making cable news decisions based on cable news

Never has a president made decisions based on the coverage that he is getting on cable news. If Acosta’s press conference does not make the story go away, Trump will fire him to get rid of the bad coverage. Trump’s decision will have nothing to do with the foul stench related to Epstein non-prosecution agreement. Acosta’s performance at his job will not matter. All that Trump cares about is the tone and type of coverage that he is getting.

A real president doesn’t make decisions by watching television. Trump is wasting his presidency sitting in front of the TV. Donald Trump is a pretender in the Oval Office, and he is making important decisions based on what the TV tells him to do.

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