Trump Has Bankrupted A DC Fund To Protect Against Terrorist Attacks

Donald Trump’s 4th of July party bankrupted a security fund that is intended to be used to protect Washington, DC from terrorist attacks.

DC is less safe because Trump had to throw himself a 4th of July Party

According to The Washington Post:

President Trump’s overhauled Fourth of July celebration cost the D.C. government $1.7 million, an amount that — combined with police expenses for demonstrations through the weekend — has bankrupted a special fund used to protect the nation’s capital from terrorist threats and provide security at events such as rallies and state funerals.

In a letter to the president Tuesday, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) warned that the fund has now been depleted and is estimated to be running a $6 million deficit by Sept. 30. The mayor also noted that the account was never reimbursed for $7.3 million in expenses from Trump’s 2017 inauguration

In typical Trump fashion, he has jeopardized public safety while only caring about stroking his own ego. The 4th of July party was a forgettable waste of time. No one wanted a presidential 4th of July gathering, and Donald Trump appears to have no intention of paying the District of Columbia back the millions of dollars that he owes.

Trump’s party cost six times more than the usual 4th of July celebration. The fund used to carry large balances under Obama, but in less than three years, it has been bankrupted by Trump.

DC is less secure because of the financial recklessness of Donald Trump.

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